By Antoine Raziel


With Fine Arts as a source of inspiration and coherence, Antoine RAZIEL photograph nude to perpetuate the quest of artists through the centuries The staging of his creations in sets made by himself is also part of his approach . The advent of digital technology and its role as computer scientist in which it is a precursor allow it to fully exploit the possibilities of photography, thus bridging the gap between modernity and tradition. Like an artisan photographer, he creates realistic illusions from every piece. His research can not be separated from data for him fundamental: the person, his body and his personality. Antoine RAZIEL is in line with the photographers of curves and bodies: he traces in us, through his art of the ellipse, impressions independent of forms.


Photographer: Antoine Raziel (Website; Instagram)
Makeup artist: Melle Zed (Instagram; Facebook)
Dressing table and dressing: Anya Greze (Facebook)

BEA Cobain (Instagram; Facebook)
Liloo Bn (Instagram; Facebook)
Lila Lyloo (Website; Instagram)
Elsa Zumba (Instagram; Facebook)

Location: 1920’s boudoir house, Toulouse

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