By Mercedes Viartola

The girl from the attic


Photographer: Mercedes Viartola ( instagram: @mercedesviartola )

Model: Sara Vela ( instagram: @sarawberry )

Make up artist: josé sande by clarins ( instagram: @jose_sande_makeup )

Hair: josé sande by tiggy ( instagram: @jose_sande_makeup )

Style: Bibi

Bandage trikini, jeans,  black sequin bomber jacket, swimsuit and  metallic vest by Motufashion (instagram: @motufashionmoda)

Ring, bracelet, spikes earrings, stones and pearls necklace by Destellos mediterráne and jewels

Special guest: Garrus the cat

Body by Platino (instagram: @mediasplatino)

Denim skirt and denim jacket by The best

Silver rose sandals,  patent leather circle sandals and boots by Paco Herrero (instagram: @pacoherreroshoes)

Piton handbag by La sandwich (instagram: @lasandwichh)

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