Light rays

Credits Photographer: MARCO PALMA  (Website: marcopalma.photos; Facebook: @marcopalmafotos; Instagram: @mpalmafotos; Litmind: litmind.com/photography)Model: RAQUEL ARROYO  (Facebook: Raquel Arroyo: Litmind: litmind.com/294659)Make up  and  hair: RAQUEL ARROYO Clothes

Young fashion

Credits Photographer: Juan José Echarte Pascual (Website: echartejuan.wixsite.com/misitio; Facebook: @Juan Echarte Pascual; Instagram: @juanjoecharte; )Model:Asha

Candy Tears

Credits Photographer: Tim Asato (Website; Facebook)Model: Flora Fodor (from Avantage Models) (Facebook)Make up: Mary TorresStylist

Collection metal

Credits Photographer: Luis Filipe (Facebook)Fashion designer: Franz Auza (Facebook)Model: Eleceferia (Facebook)Mua: Jennifer Lopez (Facebook) Edition:

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